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drunk Shakespeare 

Grab your quills and raise your chalices, it's time for Drunk Shakespeare!


Mad King is pleased to bring you the beloved tales of William Shakespeare, with an exciting modern twist.

Drunk Shakespeare returns in 2021 for a 1920's inspired production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! Stay tuned for performance dates and ticket information!

Yes, Drunk Shakespeare is 21 and up!


Much Ado About Nothing Casting Call! 

Mad King Productions, in conjunction with Dented Brick Distillery, is excited to bring our next production of Drunk Shakespeare to the Garten this summer! Much Ado About Nothing was initially cast last year, and while many of our actors have chosen to return to their parts, we are still in need of several more rolls to be filled. The parts needing to be cast are as follows: 

Hero- Hero is Leonato’s daughter. Love interest of Claudio and close cousin of Beatrice. Young, sweet, and a strong woman in her own right 

Claudio- Claudio is a Count of Don Pedro’s, who has distinguished himself in the recent war. He is from Florence, and falls instantly in love with Hero. He is naive and easily swayed by opinions of his peers. 

Don Pedro- the Prince of Aragon. He has just won a war against his illegitimate half-brother Don John. He reconciles himself to his brother, though he doesn’t speak to him much and may merely be keeping a close eye on him. 

Conrade- Conrade is one of Don John’s followers (possibly in love with him). He attempts to cheer Don John up and to convince him that he should be, at the least, happy that Don Pedro has taken him back, and use that favor to pursue his 
own ends. 

Multiple roles with handfuls of lines in several scenes, will also assist with the audience participation member in each show. 

All parts are open to any ethnicity and gender. Participants must be 21 or over. 

Please send audition video to by April 21st. If you have any further questions, contact us on Facebook messenger or through the email above.

Drunk Shakespeare started in 2019 with a 1980’s inspired production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, providing theatergoers a fresh and modern approach to experience Shakespeare, infused with classic 80’s hits and pop references.  

MKP plans on returning to the stage in 2021 with Drunk Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing. Please enjoy the gallery below, and we leave you with the immortal words of Robin (Puck) Goodfellow, from A Midsummer Night's Dream Act V, Scene II:   

"If we shadows have offended,   

 Think but this, and all is mended,   

 That you have but slumber'd here   

 While these visions did appear.   

 And this weak and idle theme,   

 No more yielding but a dream,   

 Gentles, do not reprehend:   

 if you pardon, we will mend:   

 And, as I am an honest Puck,   

  If we have unearned luck   

 Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue,   

 We will make amends ere long;   

 Else the Puck a liar call;   

 So, good night unto you all.   

 Give me your hands, if we be friends,   

  And Robin shall restore amends."